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We are so grateful that you are considering adoption and want to let you know that we are thankful for your bravery, maturity and love.

God has a way of helping us work through the most difficult decisions and challenges in life, we know this from experience.

We are so humbled and excited about the prospect of adopting. We hope you can learn more about us on this site and please contact us if you have any questions!

In the Beginning: Becca is from sunny California, and Troy is from historic Virginia. We met at a church activity while both attending college in Virginia.

Being romantic, yet frugal students, our first date was rock climbing at a local sporting goods store and then enjoying one of our favorite meals of the day, breakfast, for dinner.

Becca is the first, and the last girl that Troy dated after returning home from serving a church mission in Chile. It must have been all those goodies she baked for him!

We had fun getting to know each other and dating and then, under a beautiful starry sky in the mountains, Troy proposed. We were married soon after in the Spring of 2005

Present Day: After we both finished college, Troy’s job brought us to beautiful, friendly North Carolina. With lots of parks in the area, the beach to the east, and the mountains to the west, we decided it would be a great place to start a family.

Troy currently works in corporate finance at a bank where he was recently promoted while Becca has decided to leave her job and focus on our adoption and family.

She has always hoped to be a stay-at-home mom and we both look forward to becoming parents.

Tomorrow: As a couple, our number one priority is to have a happy fulfilling relationship that lasts. We have great examples of that from good parents and siblings.

We want to grow old together while enjoying our family and grandchildren.

Family goals include living up to our religious beliefs, being leaders and advocates of good in our community, serving those around us in their times of need, and living conservatively within our financial means.

Our Relationship: We are 100% dedicated to each other and committed to making our marriage last forever. We know that we each have to make sacrifices for each other in order for that to happen.

The journey of adoption has certainly strengthened us as a family. Both of us are hard workers, but easy going at the same time. We are best friends and love to spend time together.

We LOVE the outdoors and find any excuse we can to go outside and play. We enjoy kayaking, snorkeling, hiking, camping, playing Frisbee, taking long walks, and exploring new places together. We also like to travel, try new restaurants, read, watch movies, cook, play games, exercise, and laugh together!